Dr. Poe created and teaches the first curricular course on Love at NYU for undergraduates, an interdisciplinary class drawing from film, poetry, philosophy, art, psychology, and neuroscience. Professor Meg Poe lays the groundwork of Love Actually with psychology and neuroscience and weaves artistic media through the scientific content. She curates each class with diverse media (video, music, painting, literature), discussion, and experiential activities, giving students the space to immerse themselves fully in the given concepts.

         In the same fashion that Eric Fromm describes love as an active practice and art, Professor Poe's teaching methodology is an active practice of the concepts she illustrates; each class is experiential and provides a space where students can practice opening the mind and heart through deep listening, viewing, and participation. The classes participate in the Love Gala-- an experiential immersion where students perform pieces integrating different concepts on love at the major music venue "Baby's All Right." This semester's show was "Fifty Ways of Looking at Love" and was open to the public.

Love Class featured in The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/mar/17/love-course-nyu-megan-poe