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Megan Poe is a multidisciplinary artist working in sound, multimedia, writing, visual arts, social practice and performance. Her art pieces are multidimensional, often with an immersive qualities that include aspects of social engagement and interaction with the public. She is an incubator of the inner life and her work is geared towards and discovery and amplification of high frequencies within collective consciousness. Her work has been shown at Art Basel, BAM, and galleries in New York City.

Dr. Poe attended the Surat Shabad Sound School taught by the renowned Kundalini master Paramatma Siri Sadhana.  She integrates sound meditation and sound therapy into both her artwork and her wellness practices, with the goal of expanding and amplifying consciousness, as sound enters and accesses different neural pathways, allowing for new rewiring of old patterns. 




The Love Portraits are a series of video portraits that show strangers saying I LOVE YOU to the camera. The portraits are moving images of a psyche unfurling into an expansive love.  They animate our barriers to love, and our relationship to these very powerful words, words that become mantras, portals, obstacles: the words I love you.  Each person reveals a different relationship not only to love, but also the outward expression of it.




THE LOVE PORTRAITS in collaboration with Kristen Sudeikis Dance Company at BAM

The Love Portraits were recently screened as a video installation in collaboration with a performance about revolutionary love by the Kristen Sudeikis Dance Company at BAM. 

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