Dr. Meg Poe, M.D. is a psychiatrist and interpersonal psychoanalyst. She received her BA from Yale University, where she majored in English and first articulated her lifelong professional question: How do we each live, love, and work well? As a medical student she was awarded AOA, and completed her psychiatry residency training at Harvard University/Cambridge Health Alliance. She then did a fellowship in Public Psychiatry at Columbia University and is trained in psychoanalysis by the William Alanson White Institute. She is trained in Kundalini Yoga and sound therapy and practices daily meditation.

            Dr. Poe has a private practice in the west village, NYC. She helps people to feel most present and alive in their creative flow and inner life. She specializes in helping adults create more intimate, fulfilling relationships in their lives, with a particular interest in how we grow our capacities to love and to pay attention in order to create our individual and collective world. She is known for integrating her knowledge of yoga, meditation, sound, and the neuroplastic effects of technology into her therapy practice.

            Dr. Poe created and teaches the first curricular course on Love at NYU for undergraduates, an interdisciplinary class drawing from film, poetry, philosophy, art, psychology, and neuroscience.

            At NYU, Dr. Poe co-founded the NYU Public Psychiatry Fellowship, which transitions young doctors into leaders over the course of a year, and developed a pioneer program in self-care for resident physicians, the first of its kind, giving doctors the tools to care for themselves and to be living examples for their patients.

            She has developed many courses across diverse settings and believes in bringing all of the gems from her field to the widest possible audiences. Since having three children (including twins) she saw the need for time design workshops, and is also writing/curating a collective autobiography on motherhood.

            Dr. Poe is a founder of Frequency, an immersive dome in New York City which houses interactive multimedia wellness experiences. Other current projects include designing a mobile art airstream gallery, a curriculum for an experiential university in the spirit of Black Mountain, and making music/sound design with others, including her husband, a musician/drummer.