Aerial Mentorship is a 2 - 2.5 hour immersive session during which Dr. Meg Poe guides you to connect your greatest gifts and presence in this lifetime. These sessions are like taking a helicopter ride over your life, and landing with an amplified sense of your highest potential. Dr. Poe uses the combined modalities of psychoanalysis, kundalini yoga, meditation, sound, resonance, energy, neuroscience, art, social resonance practices throughout the session. She engages in deep listening and looks at what needs attention in your life and what gems have been neglected that want expression. These sessions are not passive experiences — they are collaborative and spherical experiences, in which you move together with Dr. Poe to arrive into a new dimension of being.

Since these sessions are highly potent, you’re encouraged to come when you feel a readiness and openness for transformation.

This is part experiential, part educational, and part mentorship. During the session Dr. Poe creates a map which you take home and use as a compass. It serves as a blueprint for your highest potential and your amplified gifts to the world.